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To become familiar with your account, use the link on the Student Email Home Page for "Frequently Asked Questions ." You may also find "Help" available when you are in your Parkland student email INBOX. There is an icon above your messages to click on for Help. It looks like a book with a ? on it.

Other General Information about your Parkland email account:

To open a message:

To send a message:

To delete a message:

To send an attachment with a message when you have the compose window open to create a message:

Finding addresses for Parkland students and faculty:

When using the address book, you may need to maximize the screen to be sure that you can see all the features.

After completing a search, it is important to delete the name from the search box and click the Search button to get back to the regular listing for the address book.

Making Address Book with Contacts

To Create a Personal Group to send email to multiple recipients using one address:

To create Folders to store messages that you want to keep and get them out of your Inbox.

To move a message to a folder:

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