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CSC171 Schedule - Fall 14

First 8 Weeks at a Glance:

Week 1 - Monday Aug. 18

Week 2 - Mon. Aug.25

Week 3 - Tuesday Sept. 2
Monday Sept. 1 Labor Day

Week 4 - Monday Sept. 8
Week 5 - Monday Sept. 15
Week 6 - Monday Sept. 22
Week 7 - Monday Sept. 29
Week 8 - Monday Oct. 6

Second 8 Weeks at a Glance

Week 9 - Monday Oct. 13
Week 10 - Monday Oct. 20
Week 11 - Monday Oct. 27
Week 12 - Monday Nov. 3
Week 13 - Monday Nov. 10
Week 14 - Monday Nov. 17
Week 15 - Monday Nov. 24
Thanksgiving Nov. 27,28

Week 16 - Monday Dec. 1

Week 1: Monday Aug. 18

Links, Reading, Class Overview:

User Management
  • passwd file
  • man 5 passwd
  • /etc/shadow
  • man 5 shadow
  • man groupadd
  • man man to see the sections of the man pages
  • kill -9 PID -or- kill -HUP PID are hard to find
    but man 7 signals helps
  • Modifying user accounts man usermod
  • Creating user accounts man useradd
  • Groups
  • Groups
  • The password file and setting a person's account, especially initial login group
Filesystem Hirearchy Standard

Week 2: Mon. Aug.25

Links, Reading, Class Overview:
Week One Lesson:
  • You never Know what you are going to miss
Installing and Partitoning Linux
Finishing Your Install and Attaching to the Network

Labs and Assignments:
Documentation Project : 50 Points
Create a website that you will use to document your system.
I will be grading this basic site on
Tuesday Sept. 2
Monday Sept. 1 Labor Day .

Week 3: Tuesday Sept. 2
Monday Sept. 1 Labor Day

Links, Reading, Class Overview:

Install in a group of 2: Due by Monday at the start of class we will be practicing user management and other root stuff.

Finishing Your Install and Attaching to the Network

Utilities we will be using in class next week: Files for user management Files for Networking
  • /etc/resolv.conf
  • /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup-eth0
  • /etc/sysconfig/network

  • Networking Notes and my history from the past couple of days Notes from class

    Here is my id on shaula and here is my results of the groups command.

    Labs and Assignments:

    Lab: Test Install - Select a Partner and install Linux according to the specifications given you in class. - 15 Points

    Lab: Install Documentation - Work on your web site. I will be correcting your initial installation documentation on
    Due by Monday Sept. 15

    Project: Install with a Partner 50 points. Install a production system with a partner.

    Week 4: Monday Sept. 8

    Links, Reading, Class Overview:

    Follow along in class for practice managing groups/users/filesystem
    Adding and Managing users, groups and basic sysadmin File attributes and user Environment Variables Finishing Your Install and Attaching to the Network

    Labs and Assignments:

    Lab: In class practice root commands. Follow along in class. 15points.

    Project: Base Install Begins next Monday - Install Linux according to the specifications given you in class.

    Week 5: Monday Sept. 15

    Production Install The production install is 100 points 75 for the install and 25 for documentation. It is due by the BEGINNING of class on Wednesday . At the beginning of class I will set the password for the user smauney1

    I will be checking:

    More on Managing Users and Groups Logs and cron jobs
    If your system does not know who shaula is: edit your /etc/resolv.conf and add the following line at the top:
    Links, Reading, Class Overview:

    Production Install Project and Documentation Project 75 points install and 25 documentation 100 total .
    We are doing the install on the second classroom session of this week. You are expected to have an installed system BEFORE the Wednesday class on the week of
    Monday Sept. 22 .
    Labs and Assignments:

    Week 6: Monday Sept. 22

    Links, Reading, Class Overview:

    Environment Variables and help Startup Files
    1. /etc/profile Run first in interactive login shell (also C-shell variants)
    2. ~/.bash_profile Run second in interactive login shell
    3. 2.b ~/.bash_login if no .bash_profile exists (interactive login shell only)
    4. 2.c ~/.profile only if there is no .bash_profile or no .bash_login (interactive login shell only) (also C-shell variants as first personal startup file)
    5. ~/.bashrc Only executed by interactive non-login shells.

    Linux Runlevels
    Turn Off Network Manager and hand configure a machine

    Labs and Assignments:
    • Lab Add a user:
      Make the following system changes - Lab useradd
      Due by: Monday Sept. 29 before Class
    • Lab sorting make sure that my shell and everyone's shell properly sorts directories the Unix way. All new user's accounts on the system should also sort the proper way.
      Due by Monday Sept. 29 before class.
    • Lab LANG and ~/bin Be sure that my language correctly reads man pages and that all users that you have created have a bin in their $HOME . All new users will have a bin when they are created and all users should have their ~/bin in their PATH.
      Due by Monday Oct. 6 before class.
    • Lab Turn off and document network manager.
      Due by Monday Oct. 6 before class.

    Week 7: Monday Sept. 29

    Links, Reading, Class Overview:

    ssh and ssh-keygen Running cron jobs as root and managing logs Managing Logs
    Labs and Assignments:
    For Next Week:

    Project: su and mail:
    Write a shell script and make it as a cron job as follows:
    Project su and mail

    Due: Monday Oct. 20 before Class

    Week 8: Monday Oct. 6

    Links, Reading, Class Overview:

    Day 1 of this week is a lab day for the labs and projects from last week.

    Exploring the Filesystem and Quotas

    Linux Printing

    Labs and Assignments:
    • Lab Documentation - have your system documentation updated to include up through CUPS.
      Due by Monday Oct. 20 in class.
    • Lab - user and group quotas
      Due by Monday Oct. 20 at the beginning of class.
    • Lab CUPS setting up cups printing
      Due by
      Monday Oct. 20 .

    Week 9: Monday Oct. 13

    Midterm the FIRST day of the week of Monday Oct. 20 covering all information so far.

    Links, Reading, Class Overview:

    Monday is a work day where you will be working on your own on your system.
    System Documentation and Management

    System Documentation

    System Management
    For Next Week:

  • Lab fix user accounts - managing user accounts
    Due by Monday Oct. 27 at the beginning of class.

  • Labs manpage and Local Software - managing system Documentation, man pages and installing local software.
    Due by Monday Oct. 27 at the beginning of class.

    Lab tar and rsync - practicing using utilites in prep for a disaster
    Due by Monday Oct. 27 at the beginning of class.

    Lab ntpdate - using a time server to keep the time correct on your server.
    Due by Monday Oct. 27 at the beginning of class.

    Week 10: Monday Oct. 20

    MONDAY: Midterm The Midterm covers everything we have covered thus far. You have 2 hours to take it. It will be the FIRST day of the week in class.
    Monday Oct. 20

    Links, Reading, Class Overview:

    Breaking into your system

    We used a CENT6.4 install disk. Use any install disk or any LiveBootable disk that will get you a shell

    Lab: Make a message of the day that says:
    "Be sure you have a Secure Password"
    "Unauthorized use of this system is prohibited".
    Due by: Monday Oct. 27

    Week 11: Monday Oct. 27

    Links, Reading, Class Overview:

    Monday is an open lab day and I will take roll for a 10 point lab.

    Filesystem Attributes and the PATH environment variable

    Lab: You will be implementing your backup plan.

    Disaster Recovery Plans
    Managing Runlevels, Processes and Process Priorities
    Labs and Assignments:

    Lab chattr and README - Filesystem Attributes and user permissions.
    Due by Monday Nov. 3 at the beginning of class.

    Lab Service Level Agreement Discussion - 10 points

    Lab motd
    Due by Monday Nov. 3 at the beginning of class.

    For Next Week:
    Project - Disaster Recovery Plans: 25 Points - You will formulate -in writing- a disaster recovery plan for your system, including what is to be backed up, how you will acomplish your plan and how you will recover your system in the event of a crash. This should be a 3 or more page paper on how you plan to prepare for and recover from a disaster. It may include a list of files but it is not just a list of files.
    Due by the beginning of the second class next week,

    Week 12: Monday Nov. 3

    Links, Reading, Class Overview:

    Quiz for next week. You will show me breaking into your system through the console without having to know the password. You will be required to mount the / partition in read and write mode.
    25 points. Due at the beginning of class the first meeting of
    Monday Nov. 10 .

    NFS and Control of filesystems groups and password protecting them

    Labs and Assignments:

    Lab Hand Configure your Network Stack
    Due by Monday Nov. 10

    Lab fstab and DVD - Edit your /etc/fstab so that you and I can mount a cd or DVD (see /dev for files such as cdrom or cdrw or dvd etc. all linking to sr0) on /mnt/cd (manually not automatically). It should automatically detect the fstype and have the options noauto,owner,user,noexec,nosuid set.
    Due by the beginning of class Monday Nov. 17 .

    Lab password protecting groups and delegating administration of a group to a user. Create a group on your system called teachers GID 975 and add smauney to it. Then set the password on it to be "dude11" Then make the user smauney the administrator of the group.
    Due by the beginning of class Monday Nov. 17 .

    Week 13: Monday Nov. 10

    QUIZ: Breakin to your machine and write a file.

    Corrections and Return of System Restore Plans

    Links, Reading, Class Overview:

    User Limits and File Creation
    Managing User Accounts

    Labs and Assignments:

    Lab - ulimit: Change the ulimits for all users who have logins to your system except for root. You will set the following ulimits: Max Processes 300, max File Locks 100, Max open files 400.
    Due by: Monday Nov. 24
    Thanksgiving Nov. 27,28 at the beginning of Class

    Lab - chage: Change user account settings
    Due by: Monday Dec. 1 at the beginning of Class

    Week 14: Monday Nov. 17

    MONDAY: Check your grades and make everything work.

    WEDNESDAY: Breakin to your machine quiz 10 minutes 25 points.

    Apache Web Server - Basic Server Configuration

    Labs and Assignments:

    Lab - Web Server: Apache
    Due by the week of Monday Dec. 1 at the end of the second class for the week.

    Week 15: Monday Nov. 24
    Thanksgiving Nov. 27,28

    Links, Reading, Class Overview:


    Labs and Assignments:

    Week 16: Monday Dec. 1

    Links, Reading, Class Overview:

    What Happened?

    Filesystems and Options for Admins
    Labs and Assignments:
    I will be correcting Lab chage and Lab apache at the time of the Final.

    Finals Week: Finals Week Dec. 8-12 Sean's Finals Schedule

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