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Securing Shares in Win 9x

The Problem

When we make a share in WIn98 typically we only have share level access control, since Win98 does not provide Level 2 security. What we can do is use a PDC to provide the security on a user level. In other words, when a client tries to access a share on a Win 9x server, the server can ask the PDC if the USER has permission to see the share. This is distinctly different than share level access control where anyone knowing the password can access the share.

The Solution: Use a PDC to Provide User Level Security

Network Control Panel Set the access control tab in the main Network Control Panel to pick up it's users and their rights from the Domain.
Win 98 User Level Once we right click on a resource and choose sharing, we get this window which allows us to add users, placing them in one of 3 groups, Full access, Read-only, or Custom.
Properties Once our users are added, we can then select them and customize their access.
Permissions In this case we have selected student1 and we have given student1 only the ability to create files. This means that after they have created them they cannot even view them. This would be a good type of access for a "Drop Off" point for files.

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