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Ruthann Whobrey

Ruthann Whobrey

Associate Professor
Parkland College
Computer Science and Information Technology Department

Parkland's Computer Science and Information Technology Department keeps pace by continually updating and developing courses and programs based on input from businesses within the Information Technology industry.

Courses taught by Ruthann Whobrey this semester:

CIS 151 -- Web Skills and Web Page Basics

CIS 152 -- Web Design 1 - (HTML/CSS and Dreamweaver)

CSC 105 -- Introduction to Computers with Business Applications (and VBA)

Contact Information for Ruthann Whobrey
Office: B128
Office Hours: To be announced at beginning of semester
Phone: 217-373-3737
Address: Parkland College
2400 W. Bradley
Champaign, IL 61821

Note: Email is the best method of communication if you are unable to come to campus during office hours. I typically do my grading and preparation for class in my home office and am online long hours most days of the week. I check faculty email more often than my office phone messages. Sending email correspondence will typically get you a quicker response than calling my office phone, unless you make the phone call during my scheduled office hours on campus.