CSC294: Computer Graphics Portfolio

Description: This course is designed to give you the opportunity to put everything you have learned into practice. In this class you will work on your own portfolio pieces of your choice that will showcase your abilities and interests. This project must and should be of personal nature as you will need to be obsessed with its quality and completion in the time given. It needs to be a project that is realistic in the time we have and you need to have a plan of action that lays out your approach to completion. In addition, some of you may have the chance to work on additional projects for organizations within the community.

You must present examples of work progression at each class meeting. Class time is not a time to work but a time to show your work to the class for critique and discussion. Your progress will be tracked and it is absolutely necessary to make adequate progress each week.

Remember the project is a reflection on your ability to produce a product. Let your passion for it push you to attend to every detail and all aspects of completion. Utilize the other students to help in areas you may need to improve on.

Prerequisite: Approval of Program Director or Dept. Chair.

Course Instructor: Derek Dallas
Office Number: B116C
Office Hours: Here

Class times: Monday 12-12:50
Class Location: D-227