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CSC233: Animation Scripting

Description: Scripting and programming fundamentals for digital media applications. Procedural methods basics for 3D modeling, animation, shading, and visual effects.
Prerequisite: csc 179 Digital Media foundations

Course Instructor: Derek Dallas
Office Number: B136
Office Hours: Here

Class times: Mon, Weds 1-3:20pm
Class Location: D-207

Course Text Book: MEL Scripting for Maya Animators by Mark R Wilkins and Chris Kazmier
Other Course resources: Processing website: Download Processing application, see examples and tutorials,
More Course resources: Learning processing website

Helpful Links
Maya Help: AutoDesk Scripting Tutorials
Maya Help: Scripting and Expressions
Autodesk Documentation: Mel Commands and Flags
AREA: Digital Entertainment & Visualization Community
Creative Crash: Mel boards
Crimson Editor: External script editor for free