CSC 189- 3D Computer Animation III
Tentative Schedule

Text Books Required: Mastering Autodesk Maya 2015

Week Class Date Goals/Objectives Assignments What is due? Teaching Videos
1 1 2/2

Course Introduction

Timing charts


Intro to basic bouncing ball rig

Animation Layers homework assignment

Read course syllabus,

Pens 2 lens project overview

project 1: Bouncing ball: Download the bouncing ball scene from link below, import ball rig it as a reference, Use animation layers to
Animate three variations of a bouncing ball: First based off the timing sheet provided in the scene file folder. Then two variations that convincingly show the weight of the ball. *Required You must create your own timing charts to plan your work first before animating the scenes. You may add additional objects to the scene if you like.

Get the scene file here

Animation Layers: Book Exercise pp 94-104, use the ball rig for the exercise if you like accounts

Bouncing Ball rig overview animation layers

Animation Layers overview

  2 2/4

Precritique 3 bouncing balls: Playblast animation to discuss motion.




2 3 2/9 Project 1: critique Project 2: Bouncing ball with Antenna
get scene file here
  Bouncing ball with antenna demo video
  4 2/11 lab/ precritique     
3 5 2/16 Proj 2Critique Project 3: FK/ IK Creature   IK creature Example videos
  6 2/18

Character Skeleton

Forward kinematics

Inverse Kinematics

Read chapter Chapter 2: Intro to Animation, pg 39-94 Some parts of chapter 2 will be review for you.

Read chapter 5 Rigging: pages 207-236


IK Creature: Skeleton Creation

IK Creature: Joint Orientation

IK Creature: Parenting Primitive Geometry to Joints

FK animation, offset keyframes, DopeSheet for adding overlapping actions demo

Add IK to Skeleton Demo

Spine set up Spline IK and Empty groups


4 7 2/23 Control Rigging    

Adding Control Object to IK Chicken rig part 1

Adding Control Object to IK Chicken rig part 2

Add Control Objects to IK Demo_Different kind of rig

Add Custom Controls to IK Demo different kid of rig

  8 2/25 No Classes professional development day      
5 9 3/1

Control Rig part 2, final touches


Reactive Animation


Adding custom controls to IK chicken Rig

Using constraints with a character video demo

Arm_Add Custom Controls and Set Driven Keys(SDK)

Set Driven Key Work Flow

  10 3/3 PreCritique    


6 11 3/8 Project 3 critique Project 4: Story Telling Poses/ silhouettes  



  12 3/10

Silhouettes, poses and Line of action

Introduction to the full character rigs


Character sketches for pens 2 lens project assigned due Monday March 14. Submit all your concepts to AJ for review. Everyone needs to submit some ideas on at least two characters. character animation course

Rig Demo:

story telling Poses:

    3/14 Pens to Lens character designs due Turn in a folder with your digital photos of character sketches to folder "characterDesigns" on graphics server. AJ needs to have them today.    
7 13 3/15 Project 4 critique Project 5: Character: Introductions   Generi Introduction Examples
  14 3/17

Article example: Pose to pose Plus straight ahead technique Pose to pose animation
8 Spring Break 3/19- 3/27
9 15 3/29 Project 5: Generi Introduction critique Proi 6: Walk Cycles    
16 3/31

walk cycles walk cycles

Walk Cycle video lecture

Generi Walk Examples

10 17 4/5 Project 6: Walk critique     Character Performance examples
  18 4/7 Lab work P2L      
11 19 4/12 P2L models due, R&D work due Final Project: Character Performance    
  20 4/14

Character performance work flow Animating a scene

12 21 4/19

prop interaction

    Constraining props to characters hand Video demo
  22 4/21

Facial Animation

Lip Sync


Basics of dialogue Facial animation

13 23 4/26 TBA      
  24 4/28 TBA      
14 25 5/3



  26 5/5 TBA    
15   5/11 Final Exam 2pm-4pm      
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