CSC 187-001 3D Computer Animation I
Tentative Schedule

Instructor: Derek Dallas
Office #: B-136
Office hours: Here
Office phone: (217-353-2087

Class Time: Mon & Weds 1-3:20
Location: Room D:227

Text Books Required:
LM:Introducing Maya 2015: Companion website
IM: Instant Maya lessons online tutorials

Class Blog here

Class Date Goals/Objectives Assignments What is due? Teaching Videos
1 8/18 Course Introduction Read Course Syllabus CSC 187: 3D Computer Animation 1: Overview

Using Cobra
2 8/20 Introduction to computer animation,

Maya Fundamentals

Read: Chapt. 1 Intro to Comp. graphics and 3D

Read: Chapt. 2 focus on creating Projects and scene organization.


u2 and Green Day: The Saints are coming video

Maya Fundamentals Video Lecture

3 8/25 Working with Scene Elements


Read: Chpt. 3 Maya Interface


4 8/27

Modeling Basics

Polygonal Surfaces

Project 1:
Project one concepts: photos, drawings, concepts art, You need to bring in three unique and contrasting ideas for consideration for project 1. Look at the gallery for tonal structure for basic ideas and build on from those. Consider, lighting, camera angles, structural elements, mood, time of day, etc.

You will need to answer questions about why you chose your object, what mood do you want to convey and other questions.

Additional thoughts on project 1 ideas here and here

Maya basics Building a temple structure
Instant Maya start up files Use these files to start your (IM) project with.

Polygonal Shape Study:


5 9/1 No class Labor Day    
6 9/3

Polygonal Surface Modeling 1

Read Chpt. 4 Beginning Polygonal Modeling- Polygonal catapult Model

Maya basics You will need to show me the temple you modeled

Polygonal Hammer Excercise: In class excercise


Polygonal Modeling video demonstration: Hammer

Polygonal Modeling: Bevel Edges

7 9/8 Polygonal surface Modeling 2


Polygonal Spaceship: In class excercise

Polygonal Mobile Home: In class excercise

Read Chpt. 4 Beginning Polygonal Modeling-Show me your Polygonal catapult Model

8 9/10

Visual Literacy

Camera basics

Camera composition

Studio Time



Visual Literacy Video Lecture

Camera Basics Video Lecture

Camera depth of Field video demo

9 9/15 Project 1 progress check Project 1: Modeling completion deadline    
10 9/17 Rendering and Light

Practical Light and Color DVD: Chpt 2, 3 , 4

Read Chpt 10: Autodesk Maya Lighting: pp 219-253

11 9/22 Lighting and Shadows

Light Study

Shadow Study


Spot Light Drop Off Attribute

Ray Traced Shadows: Light Radius video demo

Ray traced Shadows Shadow Rays video demo

12 9/24 Reflections and Refractions

Light Study

Shadow Study
13 9/29 Lighting Effects


Environment Fog Video demo
14 10/1 pre critque lighting check      
15 10/6 Project 1: CRITIQUE


16 10/8

Introduction to the 3d printing

Field trip to Parkland Library to see 3D printer

Project 3: Realization Part 1

Project 3 design concepts: next class meeting bring in three unique and contrasting ideas for project 3.

No Swords or Guns or weapons: Must be something you can physically touch, measure, hold and bring to class without going to jail! No internet photos. Must be a real object to study.

Create your own reference images based on your subject for project 3-4  
17 10/13

Polygonal Modeling: Terms and Advanced Techniques

Subdivisional Surfaces: Introduction to Autodesk Mudbox

Modeling for mudbox part 1: Maya Polygonal Modeling

Mudbox Tutorial: Load a model

Mudbox Tutorial: Navigate the 3D View

Mudbox tutorial: Increase the resolution of a model

Mudbox tutorial: Sculpt a model



Project 3 design concepts: Present to instructor your unique and contrasting ideas for project 3-4
18 10/15 Modeling for Mudbox part 2: Import into Mudbox

Mudbox tutorial: Sculpt using layers and stencils


19 10/20 Modeling for Mudbox part 3: Mudbox tutorial: Paint a Model  
20 10/22 Studio



21 10/27

Shading models

Surface Mapping

Treatment Study LM lesson 3: Shaders and Textures pp 98-143 Treatment Study demo
22 10/29 Texture mapping
UV textures

Read Chapter 7: pp 254-294

Cereal Box Texturing in class excercise zip file

Mapping Grid Image here


Polyship Texturing Demo

23 11/3

Surface Features

Layered Surfaces

IM lesson: painting textures on surfaces    
24 11/5

File Textures

Surface Painting


Polygonal Spaceship Texturing: your custom paint job Create PSD Network Video
25 11/10 Studio      
26 11/12

Project 4 critique



27 11/17

Asymmetrical Compositions,

Project 2: Organic Asymmetry

Project 2 concepts: next class meeting bring in three unique and contrasting ideas for project 2.

Read Chpt 7: Shading and Texturing pp 98-143

Project 2 concepts: Bring in three unique and contrasting ideas for project 2.

28 11/19

Maya Color and Color Chooser Tool

Color palettes

Color Family Study

Practical Light and color DVD: Chpt 5: Color

Color palettes for Project 2

Treatment Study due

Using Maya Color Chooser

The Effect of Color

29 11/24

Nurbs Surfaces

NURBS surface modeling part 1

IM: Nurbs Modeling Lessons 1, 2, & 3

Read Chpt 5: NURBS Surfaces and Deformers

Color Family Study

Color palettes for Project 2


30 11/26 NURBS surface modeling part 2


IM: Nurbs Modeling Lessons 1, 2, & 3


31 12/1 Cinematic Lighting Cinematic Lighting in class study
32 12/3 Studio  
33 12/9 11:00am-1pm Project 4 critique
Important dates
  • Sept 1: Labor day
  • Nov 27-30 Thanksgiving recess
  • Dec 8-12: Final Exam Week