Class Date Goals/Objectives Assignments What is due? Video screenings
1 8/24

Course Introduction


2 8/29

Introduction to Animation

The Animation Show:Volume 1 Watch the selected videos from the animation show. Think about the kind of animation techniques used in creating each work. Become aware of the huge variety of methods used to communicate ideas using animation. The Animation Show playlist
3 8/31


Implied motion

Implied Motion scavenger hunt: Take the lab time to go on a scavenger hunt throughout campus in search of images showing implied motion.Use your phone to take pictures of the examples.If you do not have a phone find fliers, pamphletes, brochures, magazine covers/ articles, packaging etc as examples.

You must return to the class today and bring back eight different examples. Open a word processing application(word, google docs, etc) and add your images with a description of the type of implied motion that is being used for each image and how you see the artist applying this technique to the composition and the overall affect it has.

Upload images to Cobra dropdox: Implied motion study Implied motion Video Lecture
4 9/5

Early Motion Devices

Introduction To Drawing in Flash:

Project 1

Flash Animation Study 1: Create 4 second, 120 frames @ 30 frames/ sec of a simple object, shape, mark, moving around the entire 720 x 480 px canvas displaying smooth continuous motion. Try showing variations in speed, depth and rhythm. Do not focus on perfect drawings but good motion.


Flash Animation Study 1- due next class period

Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat

Theater Optique

Enchanted Drawing

Humorous Phases of Funny Faces


5 9/7

Timing in Animation

Timing Charts

5 ball example: Youtubehere
SWF here

Motion Curves

Flash Animation Study 2: Pendulum swings: Based off the knowledge and understanding learned from Norman McLaren's video series about animated motion and timing charts, you will animate three (3), 17 frame, looping pendulum swings based off of timing charts.

1 cycle showing Linear motion

1 cycle showing nonlinear motion with Ease out and Ease in added to the beginning and end of the cycle

1 cycle showing random, unexpected, variable and organic motion

Flash Animation Study 1- due Upload flash file to dropbox: Flash animation study 1

Flash Animation Study 2: due next class period

Timing charts Video Lecture

Flash pendulum Video Demonstration

29 frame Pendulum swing with extra holds and more cushion example

6 9/12 Cameraless Animation

Introduce KeyFrame Animation In Flash

Quiz 1

Flash Animation Study 2- due Upload flash file to dropbox: Flash animation study 2: Pendulum swings

The Creative Process: Norman McLaren Documentary

Two Sisters:by Caroline Leaf Scratched directly onto film, hand colored

Flash Key frame Animated Titles:

7 9/14 Studio time

Utilize today to complete Project 1

Quiz 1

Flash Keyframe Animation Study-Due

Upload flash file to dropbox: Flash keyframe animation study

Flash Export Quicktime Movie
8 9/19 Project 1 is due today


Hybrid Upload .mov file to Cobra dropbox: Proj 1 by 11:30pm

9 9/21

Story Development

Story Boards

Object Animation

Project 2

Story Sentences: Write into a word/ google/ text doc, 3 unique story sentences for your ideas for project 2. Describe the specific story arc sections to define the pacing of your film. Due next class

Object animation: Create a 5 second( min) animation that explores, timing, spacing and personality. Choose any object or objects and animate them with your digital camera. Make sure to use a tripod. Bring back to class a folder with the images taken. We will use the images in After effects to create a quicktime movie. ~There is an SD card reader in the lab. It is located by the copy machine on the computer tower on the floor.


Pixar Story boarding mini documentary

The purpose of Storyboarding

Princess Nicotine

Automatic Moving Company

The Impossible Map

Composition 1: Themis

Picnic with Weisssman

10 9/26

Time-Lapse/ Pixilation

After Effects: Import of image sequences

After Effects: Export image sequence as a .mov file

Introduction to After Effects: Import image sequence

Pixilation Home Study: Using Norman McLarens Pixilation techniques as inspiration, make a 5 second animation that uses pixilation to demonstrate new forms of human locomotion. Bring back to class a quicktime movie showcasing your creative ideas.

Project 2 story boards assigned:Once your project 2 story sentence has been approved, begin planning your short film as a series of story board panels. You will need a minimum of 15-20, but more is better and helps to flesh out your story ideas. Consider framing and camera angles that add drama to your film.

Story Sentences for Proj 2: Due Pitch your three unique story ideas for project 2.

Object Animation home study .mov due.Upload .mov file to Cobra Dropbox: "Object animation home study"




A Chairy Tale

Video Tutorial: Importing Image sequence into After Effects

Video Tutorial: Export Image Sequence out as a Quicktime Movie

11 9/28




Story Board project 2: Using single pages for each major idea, story board out project 2 that shows clearly what each shot would look like and the key visual ideas the audience needs to see. Consider staging and camera angles to enhance and clarify the ideas you present. You need about 10-20. We should be able to get a good feel for your film by simply looking at your story boards.

Claymation Home Study: Using Art Clokey's How to stuff a Wild Bikini movie title sequence as inspiration, create a 5 second claymation that demonstrates clear transformations of clay into words..example 1, example 2, example 3 Bring in a quicktime movie showcasing your work.

Pixilation Home study: Upload to Cobra dropbox: Pixilation Home Study

How to Stuff a Wild Bikini

Closed Mondays

The Great Cognito

Creature Comforts

Day in the Life of Aardman

How to build a Bunny


12 10/3

Puppet Animation, part 1



Puppet Home study: Using George Pal or Ray Harryhausen as inspiration, create a 5 second animation using a simple articulated puppet, toy, doll, Lego person, action figure, etc interacting with another object. Show clear poses and motion. Try to show emotion like happy, sad, angry, surprise etc. Bring in a quicktime movie showcasing your work.
Claymation home study : Upload to Cobra dropbox: Claymation Home Study

Story Boards due

The Cameramans Revenge

The First Circus

The Lost World

George Pal documentary

Tulips Shall Grow

Ray Harryhausen Highlights

13 10/5

Puppet Animation part 2

Story Board reworks


Jiri Trnka, Puppet Animation Master

The Hand

Dimensions of Dialogue

Street of Crocodiles excerpt


Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions


Madame Tutli-Putli

14 10/10 Story Boards rework   Puppet home study : Upload to Cobra dropbox: Puppet Home Study

Storyboard reworks due


15 Midterm 10/12

Cutout Animation

Cutout Home study: Using Evelyn Lambart or Yuri Norsteinas inspiration, create a 5 second animation using simple cutout letters interacting with another object or cutout character. Show clear poses and motion and try to show personality and emotions. Bring in a quicktime movie showcasing your work.  

Clair de Lune Espagnol

Monty Pythons Flying Circus

Hedgehog in the Fog

Town and Country Mouse

16 10/17

Sand Animation

Paint on Glass Animation

Quiz 2 Cutout home study : Upload to Cobra dropbox: Cutout Home Study

The Owl who Married a Goose

The Street

Black Soul

The sweater

The old man and the sea

17 10/19 Project 2 Due


Hybrid Upload .mov file to Cobra dropbox before class  
18 10/24

Motion Graphics 1: Film Titles

After Effects basic terms and windows

Motion Graphics 2: Broadcast Graphics

Project 3

Create the Star Wars Opening Title sequence

Project 3 - audio ideas

Early Television Broadcast Graphics

  After Effects: Star Wars Demo
19 10/26 Working with Sound Take audio track and cut out the section you plan to use for Project 3

Work with sound using After Effects: Make sure you know how to hear the audio when you scrub time line and see the wave form in the time line.


Peter Jacksons King Kong foley

Jurassic Park Foley

Radio/ Theater Foley

20 10/31 Type Animation

Key-Framing in After Effects

Animating type in 2D

Synchronizing with Sound

Animation presets

Type Animation: Take a short instrumental sound track, and animate type in sync with the pacing and rhythms of the audio.

Project 3 - audio ideas due

After Effects Layers Demo Video Review

Animating Text video 1

Animating text video 2

21 11/2 Kinestasis & Collage Kinestasis Study-in lab study Type animation study : Upload to Cobra dropbox: Type animation Study

Harlem Wednesday

Powers of Ten

Frank Film

Kinestasis Demo part 1

Kinestasis Demo part 2_ add audio

Kinestasis Demo part 3_Export Quicktime with audio

22 11/7






23 11/9

Modes & Effects

Masking and Matting

Quiz 3

Kinestasis Study_Due

Masks video demo

Mattes Video demo

Vector art

24 11/14 studio time effects study due  
25 11/16 Project 3 Due
Cartoon Origins

Project 4

Design your own cartoon character for use in final project. Must be disarticulated and will be rigged using after effects. Examples of disarticulated characters

Hybrid Upload .mov file to Cobra dropbox: Proj 3 by 11:30pm

Remembering Winsor McCay

Little Nemo

Gertie the Dinosaur

Sinking of the Lusitania

Krazy Kat Goes a Wooing

Captain Grogg


26 11/21 Cartoon rigging After Effects demo: Rigging a cutout character using after effects

CutOut animation using After Effects part 1

CutOut animation using After Effects part 2

CutOut animation using After Effects part 3

27 11/23

Walt Disney

Principles of Animation

Pose to pose animation

Lip Sync

Puss in Boots

Steamboat Willie

Skeleton Dance

Flowers and Trees

Tortoise and the Hare

The Old Mill Intro

The Old MIll

Brave Little Tailor


12 basic principles of animation vimeo example

Great video series on the 12 principles

28 11/28 Fleischer studios

Max Fleischer short Documentary

Betty Boop

Making of a Popeye Cartoon

Popeye the sailor meets Sinbad the Sailor


Max Fleischer Rotograph device video examples

Rotograph device photograph

RotoBrush tool Demo

An Artist

29 11/30 Warner brothers and MGM Studio

Termite Terrace part 1 (WB documentary)

Termite Terrace part 2 (WB documentary)

I Haven’t Got a Hat

The Wild Hare

Chuck Jones, animation process

The Dover Boys

One Froggy Evening

Red Hot Riding Hood

Northwest Hounded Police

30 12/5 Experimental animation

Quiz 4 is assigned

All quizzes, reworks, home animations, in class etc studies must be completed by final exam day


Object Conversations

Off On

Tell-tale heart

Catalog: John Whitney

Wild Things Test


Das Rad

Evolved Virtual Creatures: Karl Sims, 1994


Chris landreth: The spine Synopsis

Export Image Sequence from After Effects and import it into Flash Demo

31 12/7 Lab time  
32 12/16 Final Exam csc 186:001H 2-4pm