Class Date Goals/Objectives Assignments What is due? Teaching Videos
1 8/21 Class introduction Read Syllabus Nothing Basic Intro to COBRA: Parkland's content management system
2 8/23 Movie #1: Metropolis

Watch Metropolis full movie with original musical score Metropolis full film
3 8/28 Watch "The Metropolis Case",
answer review questions
Metropolis Review Questions watch in full "The Metropolis Case", The Metropolis case: behind the scenes of Metropolis
4 8/30 Historical background

Intro to
16 x 16 ASCI drawing

Project 1
Metropolis review questions DueName File "jDoeCsc179metropolisMovieQuestions" and turn in to appropriate dropbox on Cobra

16 x 16 Ascii drawing dueName file "jDoeCsc179_16x16drawing" and turn in to appropriate dropbox on Cobra
Historical background video lecture

Project 1 video overview
5 9/4 Project 1 Due
  Project 1: Due Today  
6 9/6 Design principles interactive lecture

Visual Literacy and Balance

Unity, Emphasis & Scale

Understanding Tonal Values and contrast

Introduction to processing
Processing Homepage

Read Processing tutorial:
Getting started here. Make sure you run the scripts (a.k.a. sketches) presented in the tutorial and save and export the processing file as an applet.

Read processing tutorial:Coordinate Systems and Shapes here.

HomeWork: Processing Selfie tonal
At the end of the above tutorial there is a simple drawing that is made up of very simple shapes. Your assignment is to create a tonal selfie using code and save this as a .pde file for class. Make sure your selfie is expressive and shows your own unique personality or characteristics.
Make sure to add comments for your Name and the Title of the project: "jDoeCsc179selfieTonal.pde". Here are some examples
  Visual Literacy Video Lecture

Processing demo part 1

Processing Demo part 2

Processing Intro part 3
7 9/11 Programming Syntax Processing Tonal Grid Study: Today in class create a 500 x 500 pixel tonal grid image that looks something like this example

Tonal Grid video overview
HomeWork:Processing SelfieTonal
Name the file in this way: "jDoeCsc179selfieTonal.pde"

Processing Tonal Grid Study: Name file: "jDoeCsc179tonalGridStudy.pde"
turn in to appropriate dropbox on Cobra
Tips: planning your selfie
8 9/13
Tonal principles of design study
HomeWork: Tonal Principle of Design:
In Processing, create a 500 x 500 pixel sketch that uses basic shapes, lines and points to illustrate tonal variations ( various shades of black, white and grey's) and a principle of design as discussed in lecture.
Save your sketch as a "jdoeCsc179tonalPrinOfDesign .pde" file.

When approaching this study, think about artists like Vera Molnar and Michael Noll and their early Computer Graphics imagery:
Vera Molnar Image 1,
Vera molnar Image 2,
Michael Noll
9 9/18 Studio day   At the end of class today, turn in Tonal Principles of design Sketch. Save your sketch as a "jdoeCsc179tonalPrinOfDesign .pde" file and turn in to appropriate dropbox on Cobra  
10 9/20 Movie #2: What Dreams May Come What Dreams May Come : Movie Review Questions

11 9/25 Color Theory Interactive Lecture

Color Theory 1

The Effect of Color: PBS Studios

Project 2

Home Work:Read Processing Color Tutorial here.

HomeWork:Processing Selfie Color
Name the file in this way: "jDoeCsc179selfieColor.pde" Using your understanding of color, colorize your tonal selfie. Examples here.

Use your processing tonal Grid study colorize it using two different color families. You will have two different sketches to turn in. Name each one with the name of the color family. For example: Complimentary, monochromatic, triadic. etc. Student Examples
Read Project 2 description and decide what you want to. Be prepared to discuss 2 different ideas for the project. One will be selected by instructor.

What Dreams May Come: Movie Review questions due today
Name file "jDoe_csc179_wdmcMovieQuestions" turn in to appropriate dropbox on Cobra
Project 2 video overview
12 9/27 Color in Processing Home Work:Color Principles Of Design Sketch
Create a 500px x 500px composition that shows a design principle, such as rhythm or depth, through the use of color qualities and transparency. Consider the emotional element of color as well as the symbolic nature.

Processing: Grid color family Study

Processing study:Selfie Color version

Project 2 ideas Due today: Meet with Instructor to discuss your choice for Project 2
Color in Processing Part 1

Color in Processing Part 2
13 10/2 Industrial Light and Magic: Creating the impossible documentary Watch the documentary about the impact Industrial Light and Magic has had on the movie industry. ILM pioneered the use of Digital tools, such as Photoshop, digital cameras, digital audio, motion control camera rigs as well as pioneered both stop motion and 3d computer generated animation, to lead the industry in the new frontier of movie making. At the end of class today, turn in Color Principles of design Sketch. Save your sketch as a "jdoe_csc179_colorPrinciplesOfDesign .pde file and turn in to appropriate dropbox on Cobra  
14 10/4 Electronic Color Painting in "Paint"

The evolution of 8 bit art
Home Work:64 x 64 pixel Painting
64 x 64 pixel painting
Save your painting as follows: "jDoe_csc179_64x64painting.png"
At the end of class, turn in 64 x 64 pixel Painting
Save your painting as follows: "jDoe_csc179_64x64painting.png"
64x64 pixel Paint Demo

15 10/9 Digital Painting I: Photoshop Introduction to Photo Compositing with: Julieanne Kost
Watch tutorial lesson: Explore and experiment with the techniques presented to understand workflow.

Photoshop Basics: Intro to Photoshop

In Class Study:Photoshop introduction Koala Creeper
name file "jDoe_csc179_koalaCreeper.png" and turn in to appropriate dropbox on Cobra
Photoshop demo playlist
16 10/11 Digital Painting II: Photoshop Image Manipulation/ Mask, Corrective Layers

In Class Study:Photoshop introduction Layers & Masks: Billiard ball painting
name file "jDoe_csc179_billiardBallPainting.png" and turn in to the appropriate folder on the graphics server
17 10/16 Typography Home work:Movie Poster Study
Search and select three of your favorite movie posters of all time. In a word document, describe why you like them in terms of design elements and typographical choices
name your word document "jDoe_csc179_moviePosterStudy"
18 10/18 studio day   Home work:Movie Poster Study DUE
name your word document "jDoe_csc179_moviePosterStudy"
19 10/23 Project 2 Critique      
20 10/25 Midterm project   Midterm Assignment Due at end of class
Name file "jDoe_csc179_warholMidterm.png" and turn in to appropriate dropbox on Cobra
21 10/30 Principles of Game Maker

Game Maker tutorials and resources here

In class study: First Game with Game Maker

  Game Maker First Game Video Demo

Other helpful Game Maker videos: Game Design Camp

22 11/1 Principles of game maker part 2 Homework: Read and make the first game from Game Maker apprentice book Chapter 2 page 9. Find your own images in place of the dragons and cave backgrounds used in the tutorial. Game Apprentice Homework Lab time Watch Shaun Spaldings excellent video on platform game movements: here
23 11/6 The History of Video Games Documentary Project 3 Assigned Think of two different types of games you would like to create. One will be selected by the instructor. Rent or find video online
24 11/8 Digital Art and Interactivity 1: Game Design Intro: The Game Design Document Creating a Game Design Document Article

The Core of the Game Article

The Anatomy of a Game Design Document

Game design Document Template
Discuss your ideas for Project 3.

Begin writing your game design document.
25 11/13 Game Design Document Critique: Be able to describe The Core of your game and be prepared to make changes to it. Pitch and get feedback from the class about your game design idea. Game Design Document Due: turn in to appropriate dropbox on Cobra  
26 11/15 Game Assets Designs Sprites, sounds, Backgrounds, others    
27 11/20 Game Assets lab time      
28 11/22 Game Assets Critique Show and get feedback on your game assets
Game Assets Due: turn in to appropriate dropbox on Cobra  
29 11/27 Lab Time     Creating a walk cycle in Game maker video demo
30 11/29
Lab Time

31 12/4 Lab time      
32 12/6 lab time      
  12/13 Final Exam: 8-10am Game Maker project due turn in executable file to appropriate dropbox on Cobra