Class Date Goals/Objectives Assignments What is due? Teaching Videos
1 6/19 Class Introduction
Course Syllabus
Project 1
Project 1 quiz
Syllabus Quiz
Read course Syllabus and take Syllabus Quiz on Cobra

Project 1: Web Tools

Quiz 1
  Course overview Part 1

Basic Intro to COBRA: Parkland's content management system Introduction

How the internet works video play list from

Project 1 overview

How to use sftp demo

How to use

How to use the HTML 5 validator
2 6/22 Learn the basics of HTML5 syntax, working with images and making hyperlinks Project 2: HTML5 Syntax Rules

Quiz 2
Project 1

Quiz 1

Syllabus Quiz
Project 2 Video lecture
3 6/26 Creating cascading style sheets, using selectors to style html element
Project 3:CSS rules

Quiz 3
Proj 2 and Quiz 2 Project 3 Video lecture

Using color validation
4 6/29 Divs, Id's, Compound Selectors

Html 5 semantic elements

Box Model
Project 4: CSS Divs, IDs, and box properties

Quiz 4
Proj 3 and Quiz 3 Project 4 Video lecture
5 7/3 Spans, Classes, Pseudoclasses

CSS floats, Display, Block/ Inline Elements
Project 5: CSS Classes, <span> and float

Quiz 5
Proj 4 and Quiz 4  
6 7/6 Introduction to code editors: Aptana Studio, Brackets, Visual Studio, etc

Webdesign Aesthetics and design basics



Color theory


Google Fonts

Project 6

Quiz 6
Proj 5 and Quiz 5  
7 7/10 What is responsive/ Mobile first design

What are CSS frame works and how do they work

Quiz 7
Project 7

Quiz 7
Proj 6 and Quiz 6  
8 7/13 How to Build a website using HTML5 and CSS3 part 1

Review design templates

Breakdown: the design, Nav, named anchors, slideshow, only

Quiz 8
Project 8

Quiz 8
Proj 7 and Quiz 7 Using templates and Web Development Tools
9 7/17 How to build a website part 2:

Breakdowns for: Sections, Articles, Footer, Google fonts, Font Awesome

Quiz 9
Project 9

Quiz 9
Proj 8 and Quiz 8  
10 7/20 Rework project 5 using w3-CSS frameworks

Final Project Overview
Project 10

Quiz 10

Midterm/ final overview

Final Project source zip file

Final project description
Proj 9 and Quiz 9 Final project overview part 1

Final project overview part 2
11 7/24 Introduction to Tables using HTML 5

Quiz 11
Project 11: Accessible Data Tables Project 10

Quiz 10
12 7/27 Introduction to Forms using HTML 5

Final Project design ideas due

Quiz 12
Project 12: Forms

Project 12 is the last assigned project for this semester. I want you to focus on the design and coding for the final from this point on.
Project 11

Quiz 11
13 7/31 Please Watch video

No Quiz 13
Final Project Design Updates
14 8/3 Final Project Requirements    
15 8/7 Studio Time, work on last minute issues Final project precritique and final review before submission. Send me links and any last questions on your project. Submit your donutshop link for preCritique.  
16 8/10 Final Project Due by 11:59 today.

There is no final written exam. The final project is your final exam.