Microsoft Imagine FAQ

1. What is the MSDN-AA program?
MSDNAA stands for Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance and is a service from Microsoft which allows the Computer Science Department to use its operating systems and development tools at a discounted price. The program also allows the department's students to use the same operating systems and tools for free at home.

2. Who is eligible for the program?
Any student taking a CTC,CIS, or CSC course for credit.

3. I'm eligible, how do I sign up?
Go to When you register for an MSDNAA account you must use your Parkland College Student Email Address. Any requests submitted with a username other than your Parkland issued student email address will be denied. After you have completed the account request form click the Submit Form button. Your new MSDNAA account information will be sent to your student email address. Once you've been sent your login info you can go to the MSDN-AA site and select software.

4. What if I haven't received the email with my login information?
Please allow up to 24 hours for your account to be created and an email to be sent out. If you don't get an email after a day email the Application Support. Include your form information in the email for faster processing. If you submit on a Friday afternoon, you may have to wait until Monday for processing.

5. What software is available?
Access 2010, Project Professional 2010, Visio Professional 2010, Windows 8 Pro (32 and 64 bit), Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008r2 and many more.

6. What are the rules for using the software?
In addition to being a student taking a CSIT course for credit, you must agree not to copy the software and agree to not use the software for profit. You can continue to use the software as long as you like, even after your class is done. But, to reinstall or move it to a different machine you must check it out again.

7. How do I get the software?
Go to the Imagine Website and login. Once you've logged in you can select the software you desire. The package may be available for download and/or cd-checkout. Pick the method you wish to use and continue. You will then be sent an email confirmation.
PLEASE NOTE: You will need to read an agreement form in the computer science department in room B116 and sign out for the software when you pick it up.

8. If I reserve cd's for checkout how long will they be held for me / How long can I keep the cd's?
Reservations last 3 days. You can keep the cd's for 3 days after which an overdue notice will be issued.

9. How big are the downloads?
It depends on the package. They can range from 160 MB to 2 or more G's. Each download is resumable so you can stop the download at any time and start it up again later from the same point.

10. Where do I get the serial number?
Your confirmation email should include the serial number for the product you've selected. If you cannot find the email, log in to your account and look under Your Account/Orders on the top of the page. Once you are into your software purchases, click on View Details and you will find your product keys.

11. What if my serial number doesn't work?
Please email the bad number, product description, and your login to the Application Support.

12. What if I have a question not answered here?
Please email Application Support

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