Imagine Academic Program

Parkland College is a member of Microsoft Imagine, formerly known as the MSDNAA program or DreamSpark. It is offered by Microsoft to provide teaching institutions with software for both teaching and research. The Academic Alliance guidelines allow us to offer a variety of Microsoft programs and operating systems at no cost for student and faculty use at home.

Faculty AND students may install software on their personal machines as long as the following rules are followed:

Students: If you meet the qualifications listed above and would like to access the Imagine site to download, please request an account by submitting the Account Request Form.

Faculty: If you do not already have an account, please email to request one.

NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT will be provided by Parkland College Campus Technologies, Tech Helpdesk or any other technical support staff for this software. This software is provided for the convenience of the students. Installing any software will be done at your own risk. We recommend that you make an up-to-date backup of your hard disk before downloading & installing the software. Parkland College cannot accept responsibility for any disruption, damage and/or loss of data on your personal computer system that may occur while using the software.