David Bock
Office: B129b, Parkland College
Office Hours: M,W 8-9,11:30-1pm
Phone: 353-2688
E-mail: dbock@parkland.edu

Courses, summer 2016
CSC 125 Computer Science II (w/ C++)
CSC 140 Computer Science I (w/ Java)

Courses taught at Parkland

CSC 125 Computer Science II (w/ C++) Object-oriented programming with C++

CSC 140 Computer Science I (w/ Java) Object-oriented programming with Java

CSC 186 2D Animation – Animation fundamentals (traditional and digital)

CSC 187 3D Computer Animation I (w/ Maya) – Modeling and Rendering (form, light, shading, treatment)

CSC 188 3D Computer Animation II (w/ Maya) – Motion and Animation (cinematography and narrative)

CSC 189 3D Computer Animation III (w/ Maya) – Characters (character design, modeling, and animation)

CSC 212 Mobile Application Development – Programming apps for the Android platform

CSC 231 Computer Graphics I – Real-time graphics programming fundamentals with OpenGL

CSC 232 Computer Graphics II – Advanced 3D graphics programming

CSC 233 Procedural Visual Effects Maya C++ API, MEL, Particle systems, Pixar’s RenderMan

CSC 236 3D Computer Animation IV (w/ Maya) – Visual Effects (advanced rendering and effects, compositing)

CSC 256 Computer Science II (w/ Java) Advanced Java programming

CSC 294 Production Studio