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CSIT Linux® Lab (M233) Information

Located on the Second floor of the M-Wing, it is the only CSIT Linux lab. The machines are available remotely for all CIS and CSC students. A list of links to the workstations, can be found on the workstation links page. On the departments main Parkland site, you can find a listing of the open lab times, including the Open Lab times for M233.

  M233 General Information

Here is some general information about the Machines in M233:

Slackware® 10.2
Linux Kernel:
Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.6GHz
512 M
  • We have the standard utilities, including:
  • Shells: ash, bash, ksh, tcsh, zsh
  • Editors: vim, elvis, pico, emacs, etc..
  • GNU Build tools: gcc, g++, gcj, autoconf, automake, make, etc...
  • Sun JRE/SDK: javac, jar, appletviewer, etc...
  • OpenGL: nVidia Video drivers, and OpenGL.
  • X-Windows Managers:
    • KDE
    • Xfce
    • Others: WindowMaker, fvwm2, fvwm95, twm, blackbox, fluxbox, etc...
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